Driving doesn’t guarantee you’re a 100% safety. Even if you make sure that your car’s functionality is top-notch and its well-maintained, accidents can still happen. The damage done to a car could be big or small, like a dint on the door or a crack on the windshield. These are caused by a lot of factors, by falling debris of flying small sharp rocks. The point is, if you notice even a little damage to your windshield, you should never take your vehicle for a ride.  


Most people believe that driving with a cracked windshield doesn’t impose danger. The truth is, no matter how small the chip or crack is, once it gets in the view of the driver, it will impose a risk. A damaged windshield means that the strength of the roof is compromised. This will lead to more chances of collapsing, which means more damage and possible injuries. You should at least call an auto glass repair professional. If you’re still not convinced, the following are the dangerous risks associated with a cracked windshield.  

  1. Increased Risk of Being Thrown from the Vehicle 

The vehicle’s windshield has a lot of purpose, one of them is to keep the driver and passengers inside the car, in safe condition. Once the windshield is damaged, it becomes weakened over time. This will bring an increased risk of being separated from the vehicle in times of vehicle collision. Once the windshield is damaged because of the collision, you can be thrown out. We know that this is the worst-case scenario ever, but your safety should be considered. Even vehicles which are in good condition can be damaged big time during accidents, what more if the vehicle is already damaged?  

  1. Weakened Structural Integrity 

The windshield doesn’t only keep us safe inside our car, it also makes the whole vehicle strong. It offers a strong structural integrity to a vehicle. Once it gets damaged, even small ones like chips or cracks, it makes the windshield weaker than ever. A damaged windshield means the structural integrity of your roof is also reduced. Once the damage gets bigger, the roof is more likely to collapse. If you encounter a terrible accident, a damaged windshield increases the chance of you getting injuries.  

  1. Hinders Airbags Deployment 

If we’re thinking about the worst-case scenario, you can survive a car crash with the help of the air bag. The windshield is designed to assist the deployment of the air bag once you encounter a car accident. It provides a structure for the air bag, so you are pushed back. If you’re driving with a damaged windshield and you get into an accident, it might be removed, and the air bag deployed won’t be in the proper position to protect your head from possible injuries.  

  1. Provides Less Protection 

We will say this over and over again, driving with a damaged windshield gives you less protection. If you encounter an accident, there’s a big chance that you’ll get thrown out of the vehicle. If not, getting saved by the air bag is also not an assurance.